NEEL is a sailing cutter. And sailing she can. Surprisingly agile in any wind circumstances with more than respectable performance.

The high end De Vries Lentsch ship design prove right when it comes to sailing. NEEL can sail around 40 to 45 degrees close to the wind. With wind speeds of 3 to 4 Beaufort, NEEL will easily reach 5 to 6 knots. If above wind speeds of 4 to 6, NEEL truly comes to live. The 20 tons is no burden and actually helps a sturdy course and adds to her sailing forgivingness.

Going to the front of the ships deck is no issue, even at tougher conditions. NEEL will still be reasonably upright, and the wide gang ways and big bow add to safety and comfort and keep you clear from lots of spray. With winds at 6  NEEL can reach 8 knots for long distances.

Genoa sail: 42 m2
Main sail: 38 m2

Mizzen: 14 m2

Total sail volume: 94 m2

Main mast hight: 11,5 m

Mizzen mast hight: 9 m
Head room: 15,5 m (incl. antenna)


Even up until 8 Beaufort, but with slight reefed sails, everything is still comfortable, stable and controllable. The benefit of a sailing cutter against any motor yacht of course, is its sea worthiness, but with comparable comfort.

The sailing autopilot can be used under any of the given conditions, apart from entering and exiting harbours and small passes.

With no or little wind, adding the motor at only 800 to 1000 rpms helps ensure progress without noise. Just a light zoom brings speed to 5 or 6 knots. Adding the motor also allows for a higher course, up to 35 to 30 degrees.


When motoring, possibly combined with sailing, the average diesel consumption of NEEL is good. Average consumption during 6 months of continues travels, including supply of heating and generator, have not exceeded 300 litres.

As said on other pages too, NEEL is an all purpose ship. Sturdy and safe whilst with true sailing capabilities and performance. It's all in the name: sailing cutter.

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