NEEL is a ship that can bring you everywhere. In comfort and safety. And so, NEEL does. Imagine yourself on these voyages.

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Indeed all these impressions, sounds, smells, weather changes, landscapes and people you meet when you set sail with NEEL, make travelling with your own ship so intriguing. And because circumstances can be so very different, a multi purpose and solid ship like NEEL is a smart choice.

On this page, just a small selection of different travels with NEEL, in warm and colder climates, at early dawn and late night legs. Although NEEL is equipped to make large and durable travels, it is just as well suited for day or weekend trips. With a draft of only 1,7 meters, NEEL can also access the smaller and often more beautifull harbours, rivers or bays.

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